About Us

FOCX Ltd was formed in January 2011 by Director & Founder, Emma Airey.  FOCX is run by Emma's wife, June Airey.

Emma identified a gap in the market for top quality, comfortable, British made underwear for women. 

Emma was finding it impossible to buy underwear which fitted properly, didn't ride up, and didn't 'pouch'!  She decided to create her own underwear brand, design, source and produce in small volumes here in Britain.  A brave step for someone with no previous knowledge of the clothing or manufacturing industry!

It took Emma 12 months to find the right fabric (made in Nottingham) and seamstress, Beryl (also Nottingham-based).  Octogenarian Beryl, has worked in various managerial and supervisory positions within the garment manufacturing industry since the age of 14 and thoroughly enjoys working with Emma and FOCX.

Beryl says 'it was quite a challenge initially to perfect the patterns especially since we're making from UK size 6 to 24 but it was well worth the effort.  My son, Jonathan, cuts the fabric by hand and I have a small team of three ladies who help me. We are a family owned and run business and have no plans to retire'.

FOCX's core ethos is its commitment to quality and client service.  This is evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of Emma's clients own at least 10 pairs of her handmade British unisex underwear. Some confess to owning as many as 50!  Most production runs are limited to between 25-40 pairs.  Worn by both male and female clients.  When they're gone, they're gone.